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    Visas are required to gain entry to most countries around the world.

    For instance, you will need a visa to USA, Canada, England, China, Australia, Middle East, just to name a few of the popular destinations. There are a few certain countries that simply require an available Visa page in your current Passport to be stamped at the airport upon arrival, but in most cases one will need to acquire a Travel Visa before even departing India.

    Many international travelers are often not sure of the documentation required to enter foreign country. Our expertise and contacts in this area we can help you. Regardless of whether you need a visa to USA, Canada, England, France, Singapore, Malaysia or a visa for travel to anywhere else in the world, or whether you need a Tourist, Business / Work or any other Visas, we assure you that you'll have the proper and necessary paperwork on time , so you can enjoy your trip worry-free. If you are traveling abroad, contact us now.

    • ADMS is an entity does not hold any right to grant Visa, same is subject to embassy's decision.
    • We act as a facilitator between applicant and embassy / High commissions.
    • Embassy may ask for your original documents.
    • Embassy may ask for additional documents for further investigation.
    • Visa & Service charges are non refundable once paid.
    • ADMS will not be responsible incase of any rejection / cancelation.