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    Legalisation of documents for use abroad

    Official documents produced in India usually are not valid in other countries until they have been authenticated by Government of India and legalized by the consulate of the desired country. 

    The documents are first verified and authenticated by respective State Government from where the document is issued and then authenticated by Ministry of External Affairs. After MEA authentication, it is submitted to the Embassy / Consulate for final attestation.

    In case the documents are supposed to be submitted in the country which is a member of Hague Convention then separate embassy attestation is not required. The document will be first verified and authenticated by respective Home Department / HRD and then apostilled by MEA. 

    The following documents are legalized (as per country requirement):

    • Educational Certificates
    • Birth / Marriage Certificate
    • Company’s Commercial Documents
    • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

    Registration of foreigners with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in case of long stay of 180 or more days.

    FRRO Services
    We can assist any foreigner travelling to India on the below mentioned:

    • Registration
    • Visa Extensions
    • PIO Card (Person of Indian Origin)
    • OCI Card (Overseas Citizen of India)

    If you are a foreign national and need to stay for 180 days or more, please contact us.