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    About ADAM

    ADAM is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand awareness and give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. We have a team of dedicated professionals for passions for travel and enjoy working with our customers to make their Travel planning go as smoothly as possible at the best price.

    Our Experience 
    The Company is managed by well-experienced team of experts and professionals drawn from complementary yet diverse fields of specialization pertaining to different segments of tourism trade. The idea is to lend a touch of professionalism so as to deliver an extraordinary holiday experience through excellent service levels & efficient management of diverse travel related needs of Individuals and Institutions.

    Our Knowledge
    Clearing all the airs, the foundation of ADAM has been laid especially taking into consideration the rich variety that India travel offers. Our personnel are dedicated to learning as much about a destination as possible. Noteworthy points of ADAM:

    1. We know every nook and corner of India by heart (we can recommend road trips which will reveal hidden oasis from the norm, restaurants, shopping, anything our clientele are curious about)
    2. Have built strong tie ups with hospitality, aviation, and tourism industry.
    3. We understand Indian culture to its core thus benefiting our travelers.

    ADAM Destination Management Services is a conglomerate of individuals who are people of profound sense of Indian travel with an insatiable appetite to serve the travellers coming from every nook and corner of the world.

    With kindest regards.
    ADAM Destination Management Services.